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Question: Do you think you are very competitive compared to other factories that make the same product as you do ? 

1.Yes, we have a strong advantage over our competitors. We are currently upgrading for our computerized machinery and always on the market for new and improved technology, both in our machinery and our manufacturing process. 


Question: How long have you been in this business ?

We have been in this business for 12 years since 2006. 


Question: How many employees do you have ?

At present we have 15-30 employees. However during the busy seasons we hire an additional people, depending on the work volume at that time. 


Are you a trading company or a factory? 

We are a factory, and manufacture all of our products and we also manufacture for trading companies. We can offer you factory direct prices,so it will be good for you to be able to offer good prices to your clients. 


How big is your factory? 

Our factory is 30,000m2, including our warehouse, It is broken down into different sections, 20,000m2 is used for all our machines and high production, 5000m2 for finishing and painting of the products and we have 5000m2 of warehouse where everything being shipped from. 


Question: What countries give you the most business?

40% of our business comes from Asian countries, 20% from Europe and US  and 20% from local areas and and 10% from Middle-East countries and 10% from other countries. 

This changes from year to year depending on the country’s economic situation and depending on the orders and product development we do in these areas.We are always seeking to promote new business as well as seeking to increase the sales of our current clients. 

Question: What kind of Certificates do you have ?

At present,we have ISO 9001; Halal Statement + Original Certificates+ BSE/TSE +Kosher Statement etc can be available.



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